• Breeding Technology
    We are the pioneers in providing latest livestock breeding technologies
    in Sri Lanka, to get the best offspring’s with good yield.
  • Live Animals
    Over 20 years of experience in importing & marketing live animals
    to the Sri Lankan market, from well-established international
    organizations who have proven records all over the world,
    especially for Cattle, Goats, Horses, Pigs and K9 Dogs.
  • Animal Feed
    We market specialized animal feeds to the Sri Lankan market
    for Dogs and Horses.
  • Livestock Breeding
    Working hand to hand with the Government of Sri Lanka for the past
    several years, supplying livestock breeding equipment from international
    organizations. This includes Private sectors and Government
    Organizations in Sri Lanka.

Fast & First
TRULY you can rely on us.

We are fast and first in meeting your needs, and have had past experience with tight time schedules and
we are still able to provide fast and superior service.

With professionalism

We have remained on top of this field for many years, not just as a reliable business, but also due to our professionalism, dedication and countless contributions to this growing industry. We demonstrate passion and flexibility time and time again.

why you’ll love us
That our passion.

Once you become a client of us, you will discover and appreciate our flexibility and professionalism.We take the extra mile to provide all our clients with excellent advice. That is our passion.

  • Hospitality

    Do you know all your animals totally depending on your hospitality?
    Show your hospitality on time and they will show you in return.

  • Care

    Faster the care, better the result. Prevention is better than cure.
    Your care for your animal is all what it matters.

  • Combination

    The combination of care & hospitality offers a complete solution,
    We would love to share with you the benefits of our extensive network,                                  knowledge and expertise.

       We are ready to Serve You!